Saturday, January 19, 2013

Green Tea Cake with Chestnut Cream

It was a long and lonely winter break this year. I spent the majority of it cooped up in the house, feverishly attempting to finish university applications, write an essay for English class, study for the upcoming English and Math exams, cram for that biology test, and read three novels (one of which was in French). Suffice to say, I managed to procrastinate more than anything.

In fact, my Christmas present to myself was two uninterrupted hours so that I might catch up on reading. It was a Christmas Day well spent because after what feels like two million years, I’m finally, finally done reading Tolstoy’s War and Peace, all 964 pages of it. I love reading; usually I finish moderately long books in one sitting. But War and Peace gave me a run for my money. After this year-long affair, I’m glad to be able to say that it’s done and that I did it.

Don’t get me wrong: War and Peace is a really epic book and it’s no wonder that it’s a classic. The immensity of the work in itself is impressive in that Tolstoy managed to capture the very essence of his characters’ lives. However, it is quite lengthy (and the text eye-straining-ly small) and a little bit slow at times. I’d like to read it again at one point in my lifetime when I have a better understanding of European history, but somehow I doubt that I will be able to stomach another book this tedious.

In celebration of finally, finally, finally finishing War and Peace, I baked a Green Tea Cake with Chestnut Whipped Cream for a family dinner. Making your own chestnut puree for the cream is quite tedious (like reading a 964-page book), but so, so worth it.

Click below for the recipe.

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