Thursday, October 25, 2012

Red Velvet Cakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

I have a problem with punctuality. Time is just such an abstract concept to me. I attempt to devote a certain amount of time to completing a task, but more often than not, I won’t stop until I’m confident that I've completed it to the best of my ability. Eyeliner usually takes me five minutes in the morning, but I would not be hard pressed to spending another ten (rather than eat breakfast) to perfect my cat eye. After all, who wants to face the world with crooked eyeliner?

In the middle of October, two of my friends celebrated their sixteenth and seventeenth birthdays. I promised to make them Red Velvet Cakes with Cream Cheese Frosting as birthday presents. I had planned to wake up early Saturday morning, bake and frost the cakes, and then pick my best friend Jenny up for lunch before I dropped her off at work.

Obviously, my time management skills are not up to par. It took a good three hours of measuring, sifting, beating, whipping, and frosting to make the cakes. I ended up driving to Jenny’s house an hour late. It’s a given in our friendship that one of us will be at least twenty minutes late, but an hour is rare. I apologized profusely and mentally abated myself for spending so much time making the cakes.

Of course, all good things take time. A light and fluffy cake requires vigorous beating of the butter and sugar and diligent sifting of the dry ingredients. A light, creamy, and rich frosting requires bringing up the egg whites and sugar to 160F, beating the meringue until cool, and whipping the frosting on high speed until it finally comes together.

The things I learn in the kitchen...

Click below for the recipe.

I used my Red Velvet Cupcakes recipe, but instead of dividing the batter into cupcake tins, I used two 6-inch cake pans which I buttered and lined with parchment. I also added more red food colour gel for a punchier red tint. 


  1. Well, it certainly looks like you took these cakes out of the oven at the right time, so you must be at least OK with your punctuality! This looks delicious! What lucky friends you have!

  2. I’m making a red velvet recipe tonight! We must be on the same wavelength. ;) I love red velvet and don’t enjoy it nearly enough. This cakes look like perfection.
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  3. So perfect for the Holiday and I just love red velvet!

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