Sunday, July 8, 2012

update: eighteen

That feeling of utter satisfaction that comes with crossing something off a to-do list is awesome. You feel your burden lighten and suddenly you can breathe a little easier knowing that at least you’re partway to the finish line in a marathon of never-ending tasks. Compulsive list-makers unite!

A couple weeks ago, I crossed two more items off my eighteen before eighteen list. Between exams, Jenny and I finally had time to have a proper sleepover. We caught up with each other, stayed up late, and watched the requisite chick flick.

And because she is the most awesome best friend ever, Jenny dressed up with me for no reason to fulfill another item on my list. Decked out in heels and sundresses (which honestly weren’t all that dressy and should not have solicited honks from passing cars), we walked from her house to Starbucks to buy iced teas.

As a belated birthday present, Jenny made me macarons. And because she knows that I like brown paper packages tied up with string (...these are a few of my favourite things...), she wrapped it in brown paper and tied it with string. Kind of late, yes, but one of the best presents I’ve ever received. It’s also a reminder that making homemade macarons is on my baking bucket list. 



  1. Happy Birthday Kyleen! Lovely photographs as always... And that box of macaroons is gorgeous!

  2. Happy Birthday, Kyleen! It sounds like it was awesome! I, too, am a compulsive list maker. Now I want to make an "18 before 18" type of list!

  3. Just been catching up on all your posts, congrats on finishing all your exams and by the way I LOVE those shoes in the pics. Are you actually 18 yet or are you just ticking things off the list?

    1. I'm seventeen and almost a half. Hopefully I check a few more things off my list before this summer ends!


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