Monday, January 30, 2012


To all those people who attend semestered schools:

You don’t know how lucky you are that you go to a semestered school. Sure, you might perceive the fact that learning the same four subjects everyday for a couple months might be “boring”, but have you tried dealing with eight different subjects at a time? There’s always something due for every class and if you aren’t compulsively organized, it’s so easy for a test or assignment to slip your mind.

Not only does doing a full-year mean that you have eight different classes worth of homework at the same time, but trying to remember your schedule is twice as hard. Mistakenly showing up to your biology class when you’re really suppose to be in accounting might be acceptable if it was September (and you were a little freshman), but doing it when you’re a junior? Just embarrassing.

Of course, if you went to a semestered school, you would only have to face those people you embarrassed yourself in front of for several months before starting new classes. Definitely a bonus for all you accident-prone people out there who walk into walls (as opposed to the classroom door) and trip over chairs and desks (as well as your own two feet).

The most enviable part of taking semestered classes: the fact that you can only have up to four exams at a time. Wait, what’s that? You’re jealous that we full-year students don’t have exams right now? Well, I certainly won’t disagree that having two half-days at the end of January is a wonderful thing. While you semestered students and the seniors at our schools are writing English and Advanced Functions exams, I might be traipsing downtown with my fellow foodie Tammy in search of Sour Cherry Pie and Chocolate Croissants for lunch. Then we might decide that we’re still hungry and eat Burgers. Not wimpy McDonald’s burgers, but big, honking, juicy cheese burgers. All while you semestered folk are writing exams.

But I’d definitely choose to have half as many exams twice. As a student who takes eight courses year-round, I will have seven (SEVEN!?!??!) exams come June, as well as eight different summatives, all due at the same time.

Sometimes, I wish I went to a semestered school.

Frustrated Full-Year Student


  1. I don't actually have any idea what a "semestered" school is, alas - I left school 11 years ago (damn, don't I feel old!), and in addition to that the whole concept of "semesters" is something quite American/Canadian (maybe Australian too?) I think - not something I really understand, so alas I can't offer any sage words of wisdom.

    I do know that I did kind of slide through school on a wing and a prayer, so I'm not really qualified to offer education advice at all :D I can only say though that if you're still feeling stressed then you obviously haven't eaten enough of that delicious looking pie :D

  2. I don't know what I would do if I were a full-year student - sounds like a lot to take in, that's for sure!

  3. At least you got to have a fantastic looking cheese burger. When exams come around, I find that burritos are the best food for studying since they can be held in one hand.

  4. Sounds like there are pros and cons to both sides, but you definitely have a lot to be frustrated about! Eight exams at once sounds terrible. At least there are delicious pies and burgers to get us through :-)

  5. Ok, now I feel bad for complaining about my 3 finals last week.

  6. Jennifer ( 30, 2012 at 6:52 PM

    I sympathize. When I went to high school, it was a full-year schedule, so I've felt your pain :) My daughter (16 in July) is doing semesters. In fact, she just wrote her last exam this morning, so has a few days off until next semester starts on Friday. Watching her go through it, I'm convinced it's a much better way. That's a good looking burger, btw!

  7. Totally frustrating! Thinking about you and hoping that all the delicious baked goods you make take some of the edge off. Perhaps if you baked for your teachers, they might lighten your load a bit?

  8. Too funny, Kyleen!

    Here's the recipe for Magic Cookie Bars:

    They're a staple at American Potlucks - a little salty, very sweet, chewy and crunchy. I never have Sweetened Condensed Milk on-hand, but am always happy to eat these when others make them! Let me know if you try them.

  9. I was in a full-year school also when I was in high school. Not fun. But maybe it made college that much easier since we only had four classes going at once? Hmm.

    All this good food...swoon.

  10. School and exams feel so distant.. Eating such delicious pies and burgers will certainly make your student's life easier :-)

  11. If you want to learn Spanish I cant teach you bescause I work as a Spanish teacher! By the way, we have ended the semester just now and we have "exams time" and a lot of work (for the students and also for me).

    Thanks for visiting my blog. My English is awful but I hope you can understand me ; )

  12. What absolutely gorgeous pictures you have! :)

  13. hey kyleen! ure the first kyleen ive ever met! you have such a lovely blog here, the pics are amazing!
    i went to a high school that made us go through 8 courses for the entire year too, i actually liked that a lot, it taught me to juggle and find balance in my course load.

    random note: when i saw the picture of the wagon in your about section, immediately thought about "stargirl" Wasn't it such a sweet book? after reading that i wanted to start my own happy wagon too, but never got around to doing it yet

  14. I have been craving cherry pie soooo bad for 2 weeks now! Your pics make me drool!

  15. Cherry pie is my FAVORITE!! The pic made me crave:)


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