Friday, October 7, 2011

New Kitchen Gadgets: Pasta Machine, Donut Maker, Mini Tart Shells

I love getting new kitchen gadgets; it’s like getting new toys to play with. A couple years ago when I got my blender, smoothies were all the rage in our house and the most popular choice of dessert. Come to think of it, I haven’t used the blender in a while because I lost that one plastic piece that attaches onto the blade... Anyone know what they’re called and where I can get a new one (since without it, my blender is rendered useless)?

My newest acquisitions, which include a pasta machine that makes five different kinds of pasta, a donut maker, and some tart shells, were given to me by family friends. Thanks Hasia, Auntie Phoebe, and Uncle Lawrence! You guys should probably expect some pasta in your near futures... (:

Although the pasta machine is probably around thirty years old, it is of high quality and complete in the five different attachments. I have made pasta at school before and I must say that the taste of fresh and dried pasta is very similar. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the pasta-making process and I can’t wait to make it at home. 

The donut maker is basically portions the donut batter for frying. In theory, it would be a handy device, but I don’t eat therefore have never made donuts. I just can’t get over the fact that the donuts are deep-fried. Of course, now that I have a donut maker, I will have to try making donuts at least once in my lifetime.

I’ve already used the mini tart shells to make Mini Strawberry Chocolate Tarts. Although pressing the pie dough into individual shell and lining them with tin foil is cumbersome, I love the presentation of mini tarts. Mini things are just so cute.

With school starting up again, I am pressed for time and have not had a chance to use my new kitchen toys. But I’m really excited to see how the pasta will turn out and a tad bit apprehensive about deep-frying donuts.

What are your newest kitchen gadgets?


  1. I too am not a big fan of deep-fried donuts, but maybe you could try to "healthify" them a bit. Plus I heard somewhere that most of the oil from deep-frying drips out if you wrap the donuts in a paper towl for a few hours after making them.

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  3. Cute post! Looks like you will be having fun playing with some new tools. Did you find these antique? My mom had lots of fun old jello molds that I used to play around with.

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