Monday, October 31, 2011

A Helping Hand and Blueberry Muffins

It’s amazing how fast time seems to fly: in a blink of the eye, it’s already the end of October. We’re already halfway to the winter holidays, which is one-third to the end of the school year. It seems that just last week, school had started and I had walked into my new biology class, wide-eyed and excited at the mention of an overnight camp field trip.

A month later, I went on the trip. In the days leading up to the trip, I was quite stressed, unsure of what to do first, how to prioritize. I had homework that I wanted to complete before I left and completely forgot about it; I needed to watch a three-and-a-half hour long movie (I should have checked how long Ben-Hur was before choosing it...) and answer questions for my history summative; and I had an article due for the school newspaper. I hadn’t finished packing by Tuesday night; I wanted to take a nice, long, hot shower (in case the overnight camp I was going to didn’t have accessible showers); and somehow, I still wanted to get my eight and a half hours of sleep.

On top of all that, I had promised to make eighty Crepes and a hundred and fifty Blueberry Muffins for a school fundraiser. A couple months ago, Rui, who is the vice-president of one of the largest councils at our school, asked me to help bake for one of their events during the weeklong fundraising campaign for a charity. At our school, we don’t have typical stereotypes. First of all, there are no cheerleaders and we play rugby, not football. There are no “nerds,” or “goth” kids, or “dumb jocks.” If I had to put a label on myself, I would probably be that skinny girl who bakes. I guess my reputation preceded me (or at least my blog did) because Rui mentioned that she had found out about my baking hobby through my blog. I was extremely flattered that Rui asked me and I replied that I would be delighted to help out.

In addition to making the crepes and muffins, I also needed to buy napkins, plates, drinks for two hundred, and twelve pounds of strawberries (for the crepes). Monday after school, I rounded up all my strongest friends to help carry two hundred juice boxes and twelve pounds of strawberries. After the cash machine guzzled a hundred dollars worth of birthday money, I was in such a flustered state (a hundred dollars is a lot of money to an unemployed teenager) that I forgot to grab the receipt.  

Ten minutes later, when we had arrived back at school, I realized that I had forgotten to take the receipt. At our school, we need receipts to apply for reimbursements for club activities and without that little slip of paper, all my birthday money were as good as gone. Luckily, Alex and Wilny and the others went back to the supermarket and badgered the cashiers until they printed out another copy. All of you guys (Raymond, Matthew, Wilny, Daniel, Alex, and the other Alex) are awesome and that awesomeness will be handsomely rewarded in the form of cookies, just saying.
The weekend before, I made the crepes and froze them, unfilled. As I flipped the crepes, I watched Ben-Hur and answered the questions for my history summative. Okay, that isn’t entirely true; I was actually more focused on not burning the crepes and Ben-Hur was merely playing in the background. But I must be better at multitasking than I give myself credit for because I managed to finish the assignment. (Okay, so I actually ended up Wikipedia-ing it and then watching fast-forwarded clips of parts of the movie to get the general gist of it; at least I’m resourceful and honest.)

Luckily, some other friends agreed to take care of the strawberry filling for the crepes, so all I had to worry about were the blueberry muffins—all a hundred and fifty of them. At one time, I make two dozen muffins, at most. Even with the help of my two awesome friends Hasia and Hillary, it took us four hours to bake a hundred and fifty muffins. It was pretty crazy, but in the end, it was really cool to know that I could make a hundred and fifty muffins if needed. I definitely couldn’t have done it without their help or my mom’s help either. She was the one who supported me in this baking endeavour whole-heartedly, buying ingredients as I requested them.

the blue gorilla (muffin).

It really warms my heart to know that so many people are willing to donate their time and effort to fundraise money for charity. In addition to the wonderful people who helped me out, all the members of the council were able to band together to plan and carry out successful fundraising events. Others who weren’t even officially in the club had no qualms about helping either. The world is a large and lonely place and I’ve learned that a helping hand will always be welcome.


  1. Wow, talk about multi-tasking! LOL When you get to college, you will be so on top of things! :) Ben-Hur is a pretty good challenge, I don't blame you for googling it! Have fun on your camp-out!

  2. If at 16-17 you can do all this You're going to be multi-multi-multi tasking by 25!
    Look at all those muffins! they look amazing! Congrats!


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