Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summer Co-op (Part 3)

I’m starting to think that it’s a good thing that I don’t work at a bakery full-time. No matter how guilty I feel for eating cake for breakfast, I can’t resist having another slice. Really, it’s not my fault; the cake is just sitting in the fridge calling my name.
from left: sammy. praline,
(and my favourite) peanut butter.
from top: chocolate chip, double
chocolate chip, oatmeal cranberry.
With the end of summer co-op on Friday came a bittersweet goodbye. The pizza party and thank you card were touching, but the cake, pie, and two boxes of cookies they sent me home with was too much. Honestly, I was already in a sugar shock, even though I hadn’t ingested anything yet. 

Immediately after I got home, I began to divvy up the goods. A plate of cookies and a slice of Lemon Blueberry Loaf for my uncle, a generous slice of Vanilla Cake with Raspberry Buttercream for my dad’s friend who had dropped by, and a small bag full of goodies for the hungry friends I was going to see later that night. Then I sat down and tried a little some of everything. Even though the cookies were small, there were six different kinds to try. And then there was the lemon blueberry loaf and the peach blueberry pie. Delicious, every last bite.

The only thing I didn’t like was the fact that the cake decorator had spelled my name wrong. In retrospect, I really can’t blame her since I’m still not sure whether her name is Shelley or Shirley. 

All in all, I would say that my experience was better than most. Besides a few embarrassing slips (like that time I spilled a bucket of apples on the floor and the former-co-op-student-turned-employee –for-the-summer rushed to my aid; or on Thursday when I gave my supervisor a thank you letter and she showed everyone and then proceeded to tape it on the notice board, whence on Friday, another co-worker noticed that I had put my address on the letter—the people are work are nice, but I don’t really think I want them to know where I live...), I had a great time working at the bakery. The experience was anything but magical, but it really helped drive the point home that baking is my hobby, my passion, my obsession, but not my career. Sometimes doing something you love on such a big scale takes all the romanticism out of it.

peach blueberry pie.


  1. Oh my goodness lots of cookies and cake. sweet! I don't mind if you share some to me:)

  2. oh i can just imagine the smells working in a bakery. i think i'd get too overwhelmed to properly work there! you're amazing, i can'tbelieve you made all that at the age of 16!

  3. Oh I totally know what you mean. If I have cake anywhere in the house, you know I'll find an excuse to eat it at every meal! This sounds like an awesome and delicious experience!

  4. I had a slice of apple tart for breakfast this morning, it wasn't the best I've ever had but it was still pretty good, how can you go wrong with slices of apples on pastry?? Your photos of the cookies are very good, making wish I had a cookie (or two) for dessert tonight. Congratulations on working at a bakery- that's a memorable experience;-)


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