Friday, March 25, 2011

In the Name of Science...

It’s summative season in high school, with science beginning the long list of upcoming projects and assignments. My partner Christina and I had initially decided to test the levels of glucose in everyday foods, which might actually be useful to know. According to the website where we’d gotten the idea from, all the materials would be available at our local pharmacy. What lies!

When we went to Shoppers Drug Mart and asked the pharmacist where the glucose test strips were located, he replied that there was no such thing. The closest thing he could suggest to what we described was something only diabetics with a prescription and $90.00 could acquire.

After a long discussion and a trip to the science store, Christina and I finally decided to observe how different containers affect the rate of decomposition among different fruits. It sounded like an easy project which could be backed with some pictures and research. Of which the research notes for our project were due today. I stayed up until 3:30 A.M. researching and taking pictures last night. I figured that you can fake written observations, but faking a picture of mouldy strawberries would be more difficult. 


Even in the face of the sight of brown bananas and the smell of black apples, my stomach growled. I’m a teenager; I get hungry, all the time. I went to get myself a snack of cheese and crackers. Had it not been 3 A.M. at the time, I would have had more energy to actually spread the brie on to some crackers. But it was 3 A.M. so in my exhausted state, I cut myself a wedge of brie and ate it with some flatbread. 

Midnight 3 A.M. snack.

Topped with sesame seeds, poppy seeds, and pieces of roasted, dried garlic, the flatbread tastes crispier than potato chips, but without all the grease and oil. It’s my go-to snack, whenever I’m craving something crunchy.

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